An Abundance of Alternatives

This Thursday a group of alternative fuel producers and investors will release a report showing just how ready they are to compete against petroleum. The report, completed by ICF International, shows that electricity, natural gas and advanced biofuels are aimed and ready to provide an abundance of alternative fuels to the California market by 2020. The report was commissioned by investors and producers of alternative fuels, including electricity, natural gas and advanced biofuels.

Real world, major alternative fuel producers provided the industry data for the analysis. The report is the first in a series that will analyze the developments being made in the alternative fuel sector due to California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. A second phase of the report will be released in the coming month to show the macro-economic implications of producing these alternative fuels.

What is exciting about this report is the glimpse into what the future of our energy supply could hold: advances in efficiency and technology can help us meet our energy needs and reduce our environmental impact. California is providing a level playing field where alternative fuels can compete with the current, single choice of fossil fuel.

Check back on Thursday for a link to the full report!

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