Upcoming biofuels events: Washington, D.C.

Next week is packed with biofuel-related events at conferences in Washington, D.C. In a small and growing industry, these conferences are essential for high-tech businesses to learn from one another, form collaborations, and track the industry’s names and faces.

An ever-growing delegation will convene for the fourth year of the Advanced Biofuel Leadership Conference. There’s usually one or two new business announcements made at this conference, and next week in a blog post for Fueling Growth I’ll give a re-cap of any fresh news.

I’ve attended all four years of the conference. It’s fun to watch companies that previously announced Round A or Round B financing grow to the point where they announce purchase agreements with oil companies or successful runs at commercial-scale production.

Also next week in Washington, E2 will convene a workshop at the labor conference Good Jobs Green Jobs. At E2’s roundtable, titled “The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Advanced Biofuels,” we’ll discuss how the entire supply chain for biofuels – from feedstocks on down – provides analogous construction, refining, and distribution jobs to the labor industry.

We’ll also discuss how particular biofuels just might be the key to saving the domestic refining industry, and how we can scale the advanced biofuel industry so that it can avoid the pitfalls of traditional fossil fuels or first-generation biofuels.

If you plan to attend either event, please feel free to introduce yourself!


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