Clean Fuel Standard for Oregon: It’s Official

On March 12th, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation cementing the implementation of Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program (CFP), a clean fuel standard that will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and expand homegrown production of cleaner, less polluting fuels.

While the CFP has been in process for several years now, the legislation makes clear the path forward to implementation by getting rid of a sunset provision.

Oregon is the second state (after California) to enact a clean fuel standard. As the West continues to lead the country on smart policies that are fueling a revolution in our transportation system – creating jobs, driving innovation and transforming our economy along the way, Oregon’s move is a decisive victory.

It will also help spur innovation and investment in Oregon’s clean fuel sector. Industry leaders spoke out in favor of signage of this bill, saying that it provides regulatory certainty, a boost to the economy, family-wage jobs, cleaner air, and improved public health.

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