BNEF Advanced Ethanol Study


Enzymatic hydrolysis is the most developed technology in producing cellulosic sugars. In the coming decades these sugars could be used to produce a variety of bioproducts. In this study, we assume next-generation ethanol will be the primary output. However, ethanol can be used as a proxy output for other potential bioproducts like biobutanol, bio- succinic acid or farnesene.

Using our estimates for global transport fuel demand, we have calculated what it will take to replace 10% of gasoline demand with next- generation ethanol. These volume projections represent an addition to existing first-generation ethanol supply. The scenario is designed to illustrate a reasonable but achievable ethanol penetration that would not rely on significant changes to the vehicle fleet.

Using our fuel demand estimates again, we have projected how much gasoline could be replaced with next-generation ethanol if the available agricultural residues were all converted into next-generation ethanol… Read full report »

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